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after completion of your hair

as for your shampoo, choose a suitable mask. prior to application, wring maximum your hair with a towel. this is to remove excess water and your mask will be effective without being diluted. again, wrap your hair with a warm towel. get back to your reading, and again for 15 minutes. it’s a music not for the effectiveness of the mask, but, more importantly, to help you relax. get the mask and rinse thoroughly, with a wide tooth comb or brush for the hair the more rebellious.

step 4: the care leave
after completion of your hair, apply a task without rinsing. the advantage of this kind of products is that they are made to keep the hair. don’t abuse it! a nut on the lengths and spikes.
step 5: the capping

you with your habit. natural drying, styling, hair straightener, buckles, do yourself a favor. you apply a broad and / or serum to make a further. Your lace front wigs hair is fine at this stage.
last piece of advice: do professional products for retail products, they are often involved in silicon which may increase your hair over time.

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